The everyday magic of green spaces.

Photo by Simon Couball on Unsplash

Once I saw a fairy there.

Over there, by the tree that grew first along the ground before turning skyward. The one that forms a perfect bench. The willow, behind the broken shopping trolley. Do you see it?

I used to sit there after school and draw patterns in the…

Photo by flat hito from Pexels

In the spring he brought me posies of flowers. All sorts.

Hot-house blooms and dainty little wildflowers that he must have plucked from the sides of hedgerows– all of them tied together with ribbons. Each delightful bundle brought me the feeling that my heart itself was smiling. …

A Poem.

Photo by Jure Širić from Pexels

Boxes of hair dye are not your friends.
They won't make
anyone like you

Just stop.
You don’t have to try
so Hard.
Not at this.
Save your energy for trying.

Try and stay awake in class. Listen,
you are better than you think.

In five years…

Photo by fotografierende from Pexels

In December 2020, 156,000 US women lost their jobs, I was one of them.

In a way, I was lucky in my job-loss because I knew it was coming. I wasn’t fired out of the blue, far from it. I had spent the year working in a contract-to-hire role for…

She knows. God help you. She knows.

You stand at the top of the staircase. Somewhere below comes the regular tapping of her shoes against the parquet floor, pacing.

One hand gripped tight on the banister you force a deep, shaking breath. Tug at the collar of your shirt. Months…

Between August 2018 and August 2019, I hand wrote an entire novel. Sometimes even I forget what an achievement that is, but seriously, I wrote an entire novel. Myself. By hand.

By the time I was finished, I had filled six different notebooks, totaling at around 800 pages. At my…

Liv Wilson

British export currently living in Southern California

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